Caller ID Faker

Caller ID Faker

“Disclaimer you should not do this”

If you heard of spoofcard you will know its a service that is used for caller ID spoofing. They are offering for tomorrow only free fake caller id all day long. So its a one time sorta deal. Get in on it while you can and prank your friends and good buddy’s that are always getting you first on April fools. Now most of you can’t think up anything interesting so i will give you one thing to use.

For this prank your friend is going to need a girlfriend that sometimes wonders about her boyfriend being a little on the gay side and this will hammer it home. You may now know where this is going. Find your local gay bar in the phone book and write down the number. You won’t need it right away but this prank has 2 parts.

Now use spoofcard to call his girlfriend spoofing your friends cell phone number. She will say hello and you say “in a gay voice” hi this is Ramone from “Gay Bar Name” we have a cell phone we found last night in the bar we are trying to find the owner of it. We looked in the phone and seen you were one of the last dialed numbers. Then have a little fun saying you dialed her since you figured it was best not to use the contacts “DAD and MOM in the phone”. Now here’s the deal sealer. Then just hang up all suddenly in mid sentence and hit end on the call.

Now i think you may know where this is going. Now hangup on the spoofcard side to and redial her number and this time use the gay bars number. The gay bar’s name will come up on her caller id. She will answer. Now all her doubt about someone just having her boyfriends phone and was just messing around will fade a bit more.

You have now called from his number and the gay bars number” Then say sorry the phones battery went dead but if she wanted to pick up the phone around 7 pm would be good. If all goes well your buddy will come home from work and she will have some pretty weird damn questions for him. NOW you know he’s going to DENY being at a gay bar last night when the question is asked. She will ask how he got his phone back and most likely thing he knew he lost it there and picked it up on his way home from work.

Then you can maybe drop by at there place just after work unexpected in the middle of little fight maybe and just be like “HEY guys hows everything going”. Then tell them “APRIL FOOLS SUCKAS”.

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