Prank Call

666-666-6666 Prank Call

prank call

If you just got a call from 666-666-6666 most likely the prince of darkness is not trying to contact you. More and more you see new posts on forums popping up where someone got a call from 666-666-6666 this is none other then your friends or someone else playing a practical joke on you by using caller id spoofing to make a prank phone call. I just recently found this on the internet from a online forum.

“hi i have to start by saying i don’t know what to think of this and was curious if anyone has any input. September 2004 my ex boyfriend committed suicide and in his last hours he had my full attention over the phone (we were in different states). He blamed me for his unhappiness since i left him after 7 years of a rocky relationship. I still loved him but could no longer be with him. a year and a month later i was watching the horror movie “saw” and kept thinking of him as i watched it alone. about an hour into the movie my phone rang and across my screen it read “666-666-6666?. i did not answer it as i was terrified. i called a friend and told her what happened and my call waiting clicked in and it read 394-194-1941. Our old area code in Florida was 941. i called my phone company and they said no one could possibly call me from those numbers because they do not exist. I don’t know what to think about this and was wondering if anyone has a story or thought on my unexplained call”

This phone call is none other then someone she knew playing a joke on her with a prank phone call. While that was back in 2004 and not as many people knew about the site Fake Caller ID. Its very easy to explain it was just someone using the fake caller ID calling card spoof using the phone number 666-666-666.

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