Spoofing on Your iPhone

Spoofing on your iPhone

Thanks for the folks at SpoofApp.com, SpoofCard’s caller id spoofing application can now be accessed right from your iPhone, allowing calls to be placed that take full advantage of SpoofCard’s free call recorder and voice changer. SpoofApp is NOT a native iPhone app and is distributed through Installer.app, so it requires you to have a “jailbroken” iPhone, meaning that you need to be brave enough to go against Apple’s recommendations and hack your iPhone to allow you to install 3rd party (unofficial) iPhone applications. If you already have a jailbroken iPhone with Installer.app you’ll know just how easy it is to install these apps, and this is by far the best app for caller id spoofing.

SpoofApp is an easy to use application and is very straight-forward with its configuration, which is something that we appreciated. About the only thing required for SpoofApp to work is your SpoofCard PIN number. SpoofApp has very nice iPhone address book integration which makes it easy to select the numbers that you want to call if they’re already in your contact list. Most people these days don’t know the numbers of their friends, since they just put them in their contact list and never have to dial the number direct. So the address book integration is really the killer feature of the SpoofApp for us.

SpoofApp’s voice changer feature is easy to select and the call recording option for SpoofCard is selectable before placing each call. The only thing we don’t like is the “Area Code” setting, which we’re guessing, allows users to enter 7 digit numbers, instead of full 10 digit numbers, and then automatically have the area code added when placing the calls. SpoofCard requires 10 digit numbers, so whether you want to enter 7 digit, or 10 digit numbers into SpoofApp is up to you.

Overall, we think SpoofApp is a KILLER iPhone app and a great distribution model for SpoofCard!


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